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Katie Black

Katie Black, 14 days ago

The goal of mediation is to restore the respect so teachers can teach and students can learn! view image

Katie Black

Katie Black, 16 days ago

Ever wonder how district finances works? Join us on October 19th for AA #1062 Basics of School Finance and gain a wealth of knowledge on school finance. Register today! view image

Jeri Callaway, ROE SW Director

Jeri Callaway, ROE SW Director, 21 days ago

Enjoying the day with PRYOR Learning Solutions to try and improve as a program director! Great collaboration, self reflection, and tips! #supervisor #professionalgrowth @pryorlearning

Katie Black

Katie Black, 26 days ago

AA #1050 Recognizing and Assisting Homeless Students: What Administrators Need to Know Join Tricia Keith, Vermilion County Truant Officer and Homeless Coordinator, for a full day presentation on homelessness. Register today! view image

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