Providing an integrated approach to professional development and school improvement in Champaign, Ford, and Vermilion Counties.

SchoolWorks Capacity Builders

Our SchoolWorks Capacity Builders provide customized trainings, either on-site at your district office or school, as well as regional trainings. They work with you to provide a completely customized, budget friendly, with up to date content on a wide array of topics. 

Administrator Academies

We offer Administrator Academies throughout the year, to ensure that you are able to meet your Academy credit requirement.We always offer the popular "Communicating and Lobbying with Legislatures" Academy in Springfield every year. 

school board leadership trainings

ROE Schoolworks provides the Mandatory School Board Leadership training that is required for School Board members. Our presenters will travel state wide to accommodate districts needs and are flexible with dates. Contact us to schedule yours today!

professional development opportunities

ROE Schoolworks provides the most up to date, quality topics in our professional development offerings. Check out our calendar of events to register for professional development.

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