READY Program Update - 3/20/20

Hello, READY families! 

We hope this message finds you all healthy and safe as we work together to navigate this
unprecedented situation for all schools across the country. Our students and families remain our top priority as we make decisions based on mandates from the state department of education. We have important information to share with you and will continue to provide updates via our website, emails and text messaging. Please check often as this situation brings about changes on almost a daily basis.

As of today, the READY Program will be closed until Monday, March 30th. We will do our best to keep you informed, but you are also welcome to call READY @ 217-239-0322 at any time. At least one person will be in the office each day next week. READY teachers and staff will be working on distance learning options for our students for next week and beyond, in case the school closures are extended. You will be contacted by staff  early next week to get details in how your students will be able to stay engaged in learning while we are out.

Meals will be provided by all home schools for all READY students. Please  contact them to get details of where and what times food will be distributed. If you need anything else, even if it is just to talk to a familiar voice, please call or email teachers, social workers, or administration ( We will do whatever we can to help you in any way we can. If you do not have it already, you can find contact information under "Staff" on our website at

Finally, we realize this pandemic has caused stress, financial burden, fear, and anxiety. Please know that the READY Family is a phone call or email away to help however we can. Take care and watch for updates! 

Liza Thomas
Director, READY Program
Regional Office of Education #9
(217) 239-0322
"The student is not an interruption of our work; the student is the purpose of our work."
- William W. Purkey