Thank you to everyone for your leadership work, planning, coordination and participation in a wonderful NAAPID Celebration at the READY Program today! We had such a great turnout!

Today, the READY Program invited parents from Champaign-Ford Counties to visit their child’s school, meet with teachers, visit classrooms and have lunch with their student(s). We had some wonderful partners join us for the event to sit down and talk with students and their families about available opportunities and connections in our community. 

National African American Parent Involvement Day (NAAPID) was created to encourage parents to begin practicing the goals of NAAPID; they include:

  • Promote parent involvement in their child's education.
  • Promote and provide strategies for parents and students to take full advantage of the educational process at all levels of the educational system
  • Identify and develop partnership efforts between all sectors of the community (business, school, home etc.).
  • Create a national network on the state and local levels to achieve the mission and goals of NAAPID.
  • Establish an annual National African American Parent Involvement Day celebration on the second Monday in February.

We look forward to continuing to grow this event every year and are so thankful for all the involvement to support not only our students, but their families, their schools and our community. See you next year!