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The Next Generation Science Standards promised to be a way to improve student achievement in science but also to bring new excitement to the science classroom. Standards is based upon the assumption that the students will be performing the actions and showing the skills inherent in science (thinking/study). This is not a radical departure from what is currently considered good science teaching but is a framework that will enable all teachers of science to be more effective in their science classrooms.

Our consultants will provide the training in a half or full day format on-site or at the ROE and can modify the training to meet a district’s needs, whether a staff has yet to have a thorough grasp of NGSS or has a sound working knowledge of the Standards. Pre-planning with district representatives is crucial to the success of this professional learning experience.

  • 3 Dimensional Learning
  • Anchoring Phenomenon
  • Lesson Development
  • Unit Planning
  • Curriculum Alignment
  • Assessment

Classroom Management Description

Unresolved conflicts in schools build barriers to learning, including low motivation, lack of focus, and disruptive behaviors that remove students from the classroom. With the passage of SB 100, Illinois school districts are seeking restorative interventions that build positive school relationships and model social skills. Data show mediation as highly effective in repairing relationships and boosting understanding across racial lines. The goal of mediation is to restore the respect so teachers can teach and students can learn. Contact us and we can create a custom workshop concentrating on the issues you would like to address!