School Board Trainings

This four hour training, developed by a writing team made up of retired superintendents and school board members from east-central Illinois, meets the requirement set forth by 015 ILCS 5/10-16a. The training is presented by a two person team, one individual with superintendent experience and the other individual with school board experience. The presentation features more information and interactive scenarios on the topics of:

Education and Labor Law

Financial Oversight and Accountability

Fiduciary Responsibilities

We ask that board members complete this for free on the State’s Attorney General’s website. We touch on the topic i the leadership training, but it is free from the state and by completing the requirement online minimizes that length of time they are required to be face to face.

This 90 minute training meets Illinois’ requirement for school board members who participate in a vote on a tenured teacher dismissal based upon the Optional Alternative Evaluative Dismissal Process for PERA evaluations (105 ILCS 5/24-16.5). A former superintendent or a school board member presents the training including information about:

Professional Practice and Student Growth

Principal and Teacher Evaluation Systems

Tenure Acquisition

Remediation and Dismissal Requirements

Optional Alternative Evaluative Dismissal (OAED) Process

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