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Novice Teacher
Support Project

>>> Attention 1st, 2nd Year Teachers! <<<

Novice Teacher Support Project

The Novice Teacher Support Project provides beginning teachers with practical strategies for dealing with early career challenges, resources, and a network of colleagues who are also entering the teaching profession.


Here's what teachers say about this project:

"I loved having an opportunity to share stories and encourage each other
as we got together monthly."

"I liked being able to share teaching experiences, tips and strategies
for effective teaching with other professionals teaching the same grade
level. "

"It was great because you feel comfortable sharing problems and
admitting difficulties you are having."

"I liked hearing other's personal experiences, what works, what doesn't work in their classroom."


For more information about the Novice Teacher Support Project, contact
Mary Ellen Leonard at 217-893-4921 or e-mail mleonard at
For a registration form, contact your principal or register by e-mail