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ROE SchoolWorks Delivers Customized Educational Services
For School Improvement

If your school's needs go above and beyond programs in the Professional Development Catalog, ROE SchoolWorks can deliver a full range of customized consultation, facilitation and professional development services linked to your school's or district's specific improvement goals. Whether is is to To ollow up on a program in this catalog or strengthen a school or district initiative, ROE SchoolWorks can serve as a sounding board, coach, trainer, or mentor. Customized services are offered on-site, at your convenience.

ROE SchoolWorks' experienced staff provides expertise and leadership in many areas, including:

Curriculum Planning bullet Mapping bullet Alignment to Standards

Assessment bullet ISAT/PSAE Updates bullet Illinois Interactive Report Card bullet Grading Practices bullet Standards Aligned Classroom (SAC)

Instruction bullet Content Literacy bullet Differentiation bullet Gifted bullet Instructional Practices Inventory bullet Response to Intervention bullet CRISS bullet English Language Learners

Facilitate Teams bullet School/District Improvement Planning bullet Data Analysis bullet Curriculum Writing bullet Developing Professional Learning Communities bullet Standards Aligned Classroom (SAC) bullet Restructuring Planning

ROE SchoolWorks can assist with Implementation of local and state Initiatives:

Induction and Mentoring Programs bullet Principal Mentoring bullet National Boards bullet Response to Intervention

Discover how ROE SchoolWorks' customized educational services can benefit your school or district. Call Kevin Seymour at 217/893-4921 or e-mail